Boys Final Rankings - 2012/13

March 18th, 2013
8th Boys - Final Rankings 3/25/2013
#1 - Janesville Craig
#2 - Grafton Select
#3 - Ripon
#4 - Madison East
#5 - Middleton
#6 - GB Notre Dame
#7 - Madison Memorial
#8 - Kaukauna
#9 - Kettle Moraine
#10 - West Allis Central
#11 - Onalaska
#12 - Cedarburg
#13 - Darlingotn
#14 - Bay Port
#15 - Stoughton / Eau Claire Memorial

7th Boys - Final Rankings 3/18/2013
#1 - Franklin
#2 - Sun Prairie
#3 - Whitnal
#4 - Bay Port
#5 - Pewaukee
#6 - Waunakee
#7 - Onalaska
#8 - Madison East
#9 - Middleton
#10 - Waterford
#11 - New Berlin Eisenhower
#12 - De Pere
#13 - G.E.T.
#14 - Oshkosh West
#15 - Kettle Moraine / Appleton Xavier

6th Boys - Final Rankings as of 4/15/2013
#1 - Brookfield Central
#2 - Appleton East
#3 - Muskego
#4 - Hamilton
#5 - Waupun
#6 - Sun Prairie
#7 - Seymour
#8 - Westosha Central
#9 - Freedom
#10 - Kettle Moraine
#11 - Arrowhead
#12 - Kimberly
#13 - Menonomonee Falls
#14 - Waunakee
#15 - Appleton West / Howards Grove

5th Boys - April 8th - Final Rankings as of 4/8/2013
#1 - Kimberly
#2 - Sun Prairie
#3 - La Crosse Central
#4 - Brookfield East
#5 - Germantown
#6 - Kettle Moraine
#7 - Seymour
#8 - Madison East
#9 - Bay Port
#10 - Manitowoc Lincoln
#11 - Onalaska
#12 - Hamilton-Sussex
#13 - Neenah
#14 - Mt Horeb
#15 - Appleton North / Hortonville


  1. Someone should seriously check the various league records and websites before posting these rankings. There are teams that have 1 win in their respective leagues and they are on the top #15 and teams that have no losses and aren't listed. not even worth putting these rankings on here unless there is some thread of validity.

    1. First - these are the results of the coaches who vote adn see these teams. Not based on reading a result. If there is a specificc team you are referring to, please email me seperately, and we can discuss from there. Keep in mind, that a team, that may be .500 in the WYBL is playing in what is arguably the strongest and deepest league in the state.
      That being said, I am sure there are some teams that might be higher than they should be, and some that haven't been seen to receive votes. But, I would ask you who in the top 10 of any grade is not worthy. Appreciate the feedback and it is always welcome.

  2. When will the updated rankings come in

  3. When will the updated rankings come?

    1. the next coach's poll should be out later in the week. need time to gather the coach's votes and inout them into the computer and added up.

  4. A poll for youth grade school/middle school basketball..... ughh...

  5. Ugh? interesting point of view. Many coaches find the ability to gauge the talent of teams they compete against in a tournament to be useful. Nothing worse than signing up for a tourney and getting beat by 40 points in 3 straight games, or possibly signing up for a tourney and not having any competiton and winning them all by 30 or 40 points. Neither scenario is much fun. or possibly using the polls as a motivation or goal to shoot for. possibly recognizing the efforts a school TEAM achieved together rather than focusing on individualachievments. ugh. right what possible use could the polls have...

    1. My tourney schedule is completed by November. Guess I will have to look to exchange video of the teams I am going to play seeing how the 'official poll' won't be released in time for me to determine what teams to stay away from versus beat up on. Ugh...

    2. then might i suggest you should have checked last years final results which were out prior to November. but look on the bright side, now yor ready for next year, and if your kids going to High School, none of this matters...which come to think of it, I think your taking the entire poll thing a little too seriously, ugh. :')

  6. I am assuming all the polls are for "A" league teams? That would make sense. As far as tournaments go, most tournaments let you know if they are an "A", "A/B", or "B" tournament. Of course, as we all know, the folks running the tourny have some bias and tend to "protect" their home teams by giving them cupcakes in their bracket and giving brutal brackets to other invited in, but hey, that's how it works........:)

  7. Yes, the votes are for A teams. The reason we go with Coach's poll, is that they are the ones who see the teams, and can give a more informed response. We strive to get coaches from all over the state. I think you can see that there are teams from the North, as well as the Fox Valley, Madison and Milwaukee area. In some cases you will see where D-2 and D-3 teams are given a considerable amount of respect from their peers in the larger divisions. We certainly don't claim to say this is 100% accurate for every week, but it is a good tool to know the level of talent your playing against, and to get into events that are competitive. Blacktop Sports, does not have any preference on which team wins, we just like to see games that have a plus/minus of 10 points. Thanks for the feedback, it is always appreciated.

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  9. Will this site have 2014 information or is there a site that has that info?